Between the orchard and the packhouse there are numerous employment opportunities throughout the season from late December into mid February. Both the orchard and the packhouse are situated in Roxburgh, Central Otago, New Zealand.


Picking is a physically demanding job therefore the employee must be physically fit, be able to climb and carry a ladder and be capable of working long hours in different weather conditions, including in the heat.

Picking is generally based on a contractual wage and you will be paid for the amount of fruit picked in a day. Wages are calculated per bucket (5kg for cherries) and you must be able to pick enough buckets to earn at least the minimum wage to retain your position. This rate varies between fruit varieties. On contractual wages you have the ability to earn well above the minimum wage rate if you are efficient.


Packing generally starts late December and involves the sorting of fruit into different grade standards inside the packhouse.
Employees must be able to work long hours, 7 days a week if required.


Pay is fortnightly and paid by direct credit therefore we require a New Zealand bank account. You will also need an IRD number, and if you are from overseas, a current New Zealand work visa.


There are several accommodation options in the region, we also provide some staff housing. Please enquire when applying.


If you wish to work with us, the easiest way is to contact Gary on, 027 220 6081 or email gary@nzorcharddirect.co.nz.

We look forward to hearing from you